Lighting the Fire

Our Impact

Public education is in the spotlight across our nation and here at home as our communities take a hard look at the academic progress of students and the effectiveness of programs and educators. Celebrating our 200th anniversary as a district in 2019, our region’s largest school district, Jefferson County Schools (JEFCOED) has been on a determined path of meeting and exceeding expectations while finding innovative ways to improve low-performing schools and to meet student needs. Our work is not finished, but we know our direction is right and true.

  • 255 National Board Certified Teachers

  • Supported Mentors for 1,300 New Teachers

  • 7 Alabama Teachers of the Year

  • 1 National Teacher of the Year

  • Thousands of Grants Written & Awarded to Support Classroom Projects

  • Over 350 Administrators Completed Leadership Training

  • Over $12 Million Donated to Support Programs for JEFCOED

  • … and Counting!

Like most public school systems, some of our best student enrichment programs and professional development for teachers and administrators are beyond the reach of already strapped budgets. To address those shortfalls and to help expand and enhance classroom experiences, the JEFCOED Foundation works alongside the district. Using the strategic plans for JEFCOED and the Foundation, and focusing on points where goals and needs overlap, over three decades of outstanding support have strengthened the mission of both organizations since 1992.

The Foundation tells the story of our district and the over 36,000 students we serve in over 38 cities and communities. We take the district to our business and community leaders and, in return, we ask for their input, their suggestions and their support. In the end, everyone benefits from students who graduate from JEFCOED schools ready for what comes next in their journey to productivity and accomplishment.